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  • Adults only heated pool and spa

  • Adults only heated pool and spa

Carbon Emissions

Reducing emissions: 

Bush Oasis Caravan Park does an amazing job in reducing its emissions with solar, water and waste. We would love our guests to be our environment warriors and consider their emissions too. Not just during their stay but during their course of travel. If you would like to check your emissions and calculate how much you are using please check the following tool out https://carbonneutral.com.au/carbon-calculator/ 

You have already made the right decision by choosing an Advanced Eco Accredited Business which is an awesome start, below are some tips to help your journey. 

  • Take longer vacations! Tell your boss you have to take a longer vacation; it's better for the environment! ...
  • Fly economy. ...
  • Use public transit instead of a cab to get to your next location. ...
  • Don't forget to turn off your stuff while you're away. ...
  • Offset your carbon footprint.

Download this leaflet from Ecotourism Australia for more Responsible Travel tips.