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  • Adults only heated pool and spa

  • Adults only heated pool and spa


Bush Oasis Caravan Park has implemented and supported 19.8KW of solar PV and battery backup to enable operation in events which is also supported by a large 40KVA generator when required. The park has installed energy saving lighting and energy saving products to assist with further reductions. 

To reduce heat and energy we have implemented a white roof system for cooling which continues to be increased as the park grows. 

The park has incorporated an 4x4 electric vehicle to assist maintenance within the park, equiped with tools. 

Installation of home build permeable driveway to reduce heat islanding and promote groundwater infiltration.

Assisting with excess pumping of motors, float valves have been installed in water devices with shut off valves to ensure pumps are not used uneccessarily, which prolongs the life of the motor and equipment.