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  • Adults only heated pool and spa

Meet Our Team

Fiona and Martin, the owners of Bush Oasis Caravan  Park, are supported by a magnificent team. Find out more about our team members. 


When did you start at Bush Oasis Caravan Park?

19th October 2020

Have you worked in the industry before?

Yes – Motel Guest Services for 15 years, from Kalgoorlie WA to Newcastle NSW to Townsville QLD

What do you enjoy about the Caravan Park?

The people I work with are wonderful and every day is different. Plus watching Fiona & Martin’s dream of an Eco Park come to life and to be a part of their adventure.

What is the funniest moment you have had at Bush Oasis?

1. During our recent Monsoonal weather (normal north weather), a guest called for a dry site for a tent – not possible during a monsoon. I encouraged them into an ensuite site on a cement slab – not sure how the tent pegs worked.

2. We had a guest and his wife just buy their first caravan, never driven or backed in one. They arrive at Reception, the wife is driving, husband is too stressed and sitting in passenger seat. I check them in then we walk them down to their site which is the easiest one to reverse into. The wife was brilliant but she was ready to kill the husband. They stayed for 7-8 nights. the nicest couple I have ever met. They returned 4 weeks later and the husband was driving and reversing like a professional.


How long have you worked at Bush Oasis Caravan Park and what do you do? 

Worked since October 2020, guest services & some light entertainment when opportunity arises.

What previous experience do you have? 

No previous skills in tourist industry, however as an ex theatre nurse and medical sales rep, have the ability to talk to anyone about anything, regardless of background. And should the opportunity arise for a medical emergency call 000.

What do you enjoy most working in the park? 

The camaraderie, helping others, learning new skills and keeping busy.

The funniest moment you have experienced? 

Kneeling on all fours and working out of my job description and painting an outside table and chairs on the underside. I hear a guest say “what is that lady doing, is she praying?”


How long have you worked at Bush Oasis Caravan Park and what do you do? 

Two years supporting Bush Oasis doing what needs to be done.

What is your background?  

My background is very diverse, starting out as a coach builder, moved into kitchen installation, plumbing, electrical and general building. Next was office adminisation and then factory/ warehouse management, this gave me a natural progression into sales, marketing and Corporate management. Leaving the corporate world allowed me to concentrate on giving back to the community by volunteering for sea rescue and developing my new business role of establishing apprentice training helping others be the best they can be in our industry.

What do you enjoy most working in the park? 

Best thing about working in the park is a sense of achievement, as much as the work can be demanding you get a sense of pride and satisfaction that you help to create / maintain the beauty that others can enjoy. Including being Croc creator extraordinaire!

The funniest moment you have experienced? 

Funniest thing I’ve noticed in the park is that when it comes to reversing some drivers cannot tell their right from their left once they engage reverse, and the more their partner screams the less they appear to hear. 

Right hand down puts your van to the left, left hand down puts it to the right.

Or to help remember right is left and left is right when reversing.


Ian commenced working as a Groundsman at Bush Oasis in March 2020.

He has a Cert iii in Horticulture and Cert iii in Conservation and Land Management plus numerous machinery tickets.

Ian is becoming a valuable member of the team providing great input to our growing sustainable practices.