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  • Adults only heated pool and spa

Waste and Water


Bush Oasis Caravan Park treats all its own waste water on site and in December 2020 we have implemented a new system that reduces emissions and has zero noise, producing "A" class treated water. As we were impacted by the Townsville Monsoon in 2019 the new plant has the additional benefit of being flood resistant and underground.

Once the Constructed Wetland is developed the treated water will be disbursed into the wetland providing a habitat for local flora and fauna making it the ideal home to numerous birds. This will also assist water runoff entering the Great Barrier Reef through storms and weather events and have the ability for us to recycle water for our gardens and or offload to local farmers for their crops. The region is home to about 400 of Australia's 760+ species of birds and is a bird watchers Mecca. The constructed wetland initiative saw Bush Oasis Caravan Park take out the Environment Award at the 2021 Caravan Parks Association of Queensland Award Ceremony. 

To reduce our waste we have also implemented recycling of bottles/plastics through Reef Recycling and encourage guests to use this facility and care for the environment. 

All garden waste is composted onsite and mulched back into gardens. 

Food waste in the camp kitchen is supported by a compost unit.


Bush Oasis Caravan Park proudly boasts Townsville's best water and has a dual operating system. The water is supplied to the park via our onsite bore and purified via a reverse osmosis system that removes 99% of particles. This is then distributed to facilities and sites for consumption and personal use reducing the need for inline filters for RV's. Direct bore water is also supplied for garden use only throughout the park to keep our gardens green.

In 2016 and 2021 Bush Oasis Caravan Park was awarded "The Ray Fitton Award" from the Caravan Parks Association of Queensland and has also obtained star rating from CCIQ Ecobiz for water/waste and energy use. 

The park also supports the ability to offload valuable recycled water when able, to local farmers for crops via the constructed wetland. Preservation and planting of Mt Stuart Ironbark within the park which is classified as vulnerable (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999)

Ensuring the protection of the Great Barrier Reef, the park has gone to great lengths to ensure no harmful effects enter our reefs and waterways.